The Clothesline Project [VIDEO]

The Clothesline Project, put on by the CARE to Stop Violence Office, is a visual representation of the impacts of sexual and relationships violence in our campus community. It provides the campus community an opportunity to confront the issues of power-based violence and create and display their own messages. The event was hosted on Hornbake Plaza Wednesday, October 17. SBS News’ Vivian Alana Caesar reports. Continue reading The Clothesline Project [VIDEO]

Pink is a Color That Feels Like Love Exhibit [VIDEO]

The Stamp Gallery presents Pink is a Color That Feels Like Love, guest curated by Philadelphia based Katy Scarlett. The exhibition brings together three artists, Damien Davis, Brandon Dean, and Delano Dunn, whose work is deeply invested in the formal use of color paired with recognizable motifs in order to reflect on issues of representation. SBS News’ Alana Caesar reports. Continue reading Pink is a Color That Feels Like Love Exhibit [VIDEO]

UMD Stamp’S All Niter [VIDEO]

The University of Maryland held it’s All Niter on September 28th 2018 in the Stamp Student Union. The event introduces students to clubs and organizations on campus. Activities included a Fortnite tournament, a glow in the dark roller blading rink, trivia, and more. The party lasted all day until 3 a.m. SBS News’ Cameron Doney reports. Continue reading UMD Stamp’S All Niter [VIDEO]