Revolutions Dance Ensemble Performs Second Annual Spring Showcase


The girls of Revolution Dance Ensemble perform their piece “Swinging Party” in the Hoff Theater of the Stamp Student Union on May 2, 2019. The dance was choreographed by member Rachel Karger and included all of the members of Revolutions (Photo by Casey Gannon). 

By Casey Gannon

On Thursday, May 2, Revolutions Dance Ensemble had their spring showcase in the Hoff Theatre at the Stamp Student Union. This was the second annual spring showcase Revolutions has organized. They also had performances from two other campus dance teams, Phunktions and Unbound.

Revolutions is an entirely student-run and choreographed dance group. Tryouts are held at the beginning of the fall semester, and they currently have 14 all-female members. The group is open to all genders, but no men auditioned this year.

This dance ensemble incorporates  a variety of dance styles in their performances, including jazz, lyrical, tap, contemporary, ballet, and occasionally hip-hop.

The team is led by co-presidents and junior economics majors Sarah Morrison and Morgan Williams. This is Morrison’s second year in one of the co-president positions. The presidents’ duties include running practice multiple times a week and planning which members get to choreograph certain dances. The showcase is what the group works toward all year.

“This showcase is just the culmination of all of our hard work and everyone’s determination to not only enjoy ourselves as a team but keep dance as part of our lives in college,” Morrison said.

Morrison appreciates how hard dancers have to work to only perform on the stage for a short amount of time.

“It requires a lot of mental thought, it’s physically exhausting,” Morrison said. “Even though we spent maybe 20 or 30 hours preparing each dance, and you’re only on stage for maybe three minutes, it’s so worth it. For those three minutes you kind of just get to turn your brain off and let your body do what it wants.”

Sophomore middle school math and science education major Tatiana Teixeira is the ensemble’s PR Manager. She is in charge of the team’s Instagram, Facebook and promoting all of its performances.

“I personally prefer the jazz and team dance style,” Teixeira said.  “I’m very used to, kind of fun, sassy, and highly technical routines.”

This year, Teixeira choreographed a dance routine to the popular song “Fergalicious” by Fergie. The routine embodied the dance styles Teixeira is passionate about, and the crowd cheered immensely after this performance concluded.

Co-president Williams joined Revolutions to continue her love of dance in college. She did not plan on dancing in college at first, but she soon realized that she missed dancing.

“I was at school for literally about a week until I realized ‘Okay, I miss dance, I want to do it again,’” Williams said.

Williams pointed out that the main difference between the campus dance groups is the style of dance, but it is obvious that Revolutions has a special bond.

“I know for sure we have a close-knit community,” Williams said.

One of the most special aspects of Revolutions is the friendship the girls share. They have become close friends from their shared passion for dance.

“We’re friends inside and outside of dance,” Williams said. “It’s really just nice having something that is more than just a club.”

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