TedxUMD pushes limits at annual show

By Rachel Clair

On April 6, campus club TEDxUMD held its annual show in Hoff Theater. This year’s theme was “Break the Limit,” meaning the speakers tied their stories to the mantra of pushing boundaries.

The show is associated with the internationally-acclaimed TED organization, recognized for the speeches it holds around the world. TEDx differs as it is an independently organized TED event by members of a specific community.

“TEDx brings the spirit of TED’s mission of ideas worth spreading to local communities around the globe… to spark conversations in their own community,” the TEDx website reads.

“The theme really just comes out of the blue… [it’s] something inspirational that we decide on together,” senior finance major and president of the university’s TEDx club Sindhu Muppala said.

Guests in attendance got a taste of a broad range of subjects and stories. Robert H. Smith School of Business adjunct professor Ira Koretsky spoke on the importance of positive self-talk and the harms of imposing self-limits. Tayo Rockson, a media personality, writer and speaker spoke about communicating amongst diversity.

“My favorite speaker was Dr. Richard Warren, Maryland Teacher of the Year, because he had a great story and was very inspiring,” Freshman, Civil Engineering major Justin Slud said.

Warren was also a favorite of Muppala’s, as well as Sophomore Biology major Smriti Gupta.

“Warren spoke about teachable moments, and showed that our school system should not just be about the academics… some things can be life-changing,” Gupta said.  

Turnout, though consistent with years past, was not as packed as organizers hoped. However, this is expected on a nice spring day.

“The turnout is not always as large as we wish…even though this year we had excessive marketing. However, I think we need to be marketing to the right audience, as the general UMD audience won’t be attending for 5 hours on a Saturday. We need to market more toward academia for future years,” Muppala said.

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