New Route 1 restaurant offers Vietnamese-style tacos and hot dogs

IMGP1836By Aleah Green

Food options on Route 1 in College Park are continuing to expand. Sitting between MilkBoy ArtHouse and Jimmy John’s is one of its newest additions, The Red Boat Viet Fusion Restaurant, which replaced Pizza Mart in August.

The restaurant has two locations in Baltimore, and there are plans to open additional locations in Glen Burnie and Washington, D.C. This is their first time being in a college town.

The restaurant’s manager, Jayson Abrenica, said their food is most similar to a Korean and modern style Vietnamese fusion.

“The Red Boat is special to me, not only because of its unique flavors, but the culture that it’s founded on,” Abrenica wrote in an email. “It is a restaurant that introduces traditional Vietnamese cuisine fused with other Asian flavors, presented in a universal manner for all to understand.”  

Accorsing to Abrenica, the most popular menu items include the kimchi, the Saigon Dog and The Boat. They plan to keep their prices similar to other restaurants in the area while still offering authentic flavors.

IMGP1823Victer Tran, the restaurant’s assistant manager, said The Red Boat is special compared to other restaurants in the area.

“You don’t usually see Asian restaurants serve tacos and hot dogs,”  Tran said.

This particular location will stay open until 2 a.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to cater to students.

According to senior behavior and community health major Anne-Olive Mono, the restaurant’s portions are generous but the meals lean a bit on the pricier side.

“I expect student discounts,” Mono said.

Junior computer science major Christina Benjamin also noted the prices were a little high, but is excited to have another place to eat regardless.

“It’s cool because there are more diverse food options,” Benjamin said.

According to Calvin Le, who has been helping out at the College Park location, The Red Boat is looking to eventually test the waters for student deals, combo deals and “Taco Tuesday”-esque promotions.

“I think everyone would have a unique experience at The Red Boat and that they should just try it,” Abrenica said.

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